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The LDO project uses .NET Framework 4.0. With .NET 4.0, Microsoft only supports XNA 4.0. Microsoft has stopped backward compatibility in the XNA 4.0. The original LDO project was written in XNA 2.0. So many demo projects using XNA are having trouble with compilation. The project also uses Nuclex framework for creating games. The framework is updated to work with .NET 4.0 but they have removed many files from the original framework. So I am unable to use new framework inside LDO project.


To successfully, compile the project I have commented some of the files. You can compare these files with their original versions to know what I have changed. The commented files are as following:

liveobjects_7 project:

  • image3d.cs (liveobjects_7\_qss_x_\Component_\Classes_)
  • box3d.cs (liveobjects_7\_qss_x_\Component_\Classes_)

liveobjects_8 project:

  • graphicsdevicemanager.cs (liveobjects_8\Nuclex)
  • gamecontrol.cs (liveobjects_8\Nuclex)
  • graphicsdeviceinformationcomparer.cs (liveobjects_8\Nuclex)
  • box3d.cs (liveobjects_8\Components_)
  • imagerenderer.cs (liveobjects_8\Components_)
  • textrenderer.cs (liveobjects_8\Components_)
  • weatherrender.cs (liveobjects_8\Components_)

Here is the link where I asked the author of Nuclex project, what should be done to get Nuclex run again.

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