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After you have successfully installed live distributed objects and configured everything, you can run the demo project.

To run the demo, follow the following steps:


1. To run the demo, we have created a small server project in java which emits dummy values. To run the server project, open the “Liveobjects\Server-Client” project inside the eclipse. Then, run the file. This computer acts as the server for other computers.


2. To start the LDO objects, open the command prompt with administrator privileges. Then run the following command inside the terminal: “C:\liveobjects\bin\liveobjects.exe C:\liveobjects\examples\channels_server.liveobject”


3. After you run the command, you will see the following window:


4. Navigate to “C:\liveobjects\examples\SmartGrid” and open the “FolderControl.liveobject” by double clicking on the file. This may take a while as it starts the isis2 service. After it is initialized successfully, you can see the following window:


5. Open the “shareddesktop1.liveobject” by double clicking on the file. You will see following window:


6. Switch to the FolderControl object and click on the “Folder Dialog” button, navigate to “C:\liveobjects\examples\SmartGrid” inside the new pop-up window. Then select “objects” folder and click the “OK” button.


7. This will load all the live objects stored inside the objects folder.


8. To load an object inside the desktop object, double click on the object. To hide an object, double click on the object again.



1. Open the source code for Graph.liveobject at Liveobjects/Graph/ConsoleApplication1.sln and for TextComponent.liveobject at Liveobjects/TextComponent/TextComponent.sln.

2. Change the ip address of the server from the default loopback address to the server's ip and compile both the projects.

3. Copy the .pdb and .dll files as below:

From \Graph\bin\Debug to C:\liveobjects\libraries\572CC8684441411282C389AF806539F9\1\data

From \TextComponent\bin\Debug to C:\liveobjects\libraries\49001A36353F453C8BF68F93FB933C23\1\Data

4. Follow steps 2 to 5 of Server. You will be able to see the same window as in the Server and the window will be synchronized with that of the server.

5. To add and hide objects follow the steps 6 to 8 of Server.

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