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Live Distributed Objects and Isis2

Currently Isis2 is placed inside the "liveobjects_6" project in the solution. I have created folder named "Isis2" in that project and put "Isis2.cs" inside it. The Isis2 system is started when the Live Objects system starts. To achieve this, I have put IsisSystem.Start() in the constructor of "/liveobjects_6/Fx/Object/DebuggerForm.cs".

To test Isis2 and LDO, I have edited the simple text demo project. The  "/liveobjects_6/_qss_x_/Component_/Classes_/Text.cs" file contains integration between LDO and Isis2. In the constructor, I am checking whether "LDO" group exists in the system. If yes then join the group otherwise create group. I have replaced send and receive functions of LDO with Isis2. To propagate the updates to other objects, I am using Isis2's Send function and to receive updates each object has Update handler.

In similar manner, new objects can use Isis2 and even old objects can be updated to use Isis2 functions. 


To run demo: 

1. Open command prompt with administrative privilege

2. Type following command: C:\liveobjects\bin\liveobjects.exe C:\liveobjects\examples\channels_server.liveobject

3. The above command will start the Isis2 and Live Distributed Objects systems. The command will take some time as Isis2 requires 45 minutes to startup.

4. After successful execution of the command you will see following window:


5. Go to C:\liveobjects\examples folder, here you will see “shared_desktop_1.liveobject” and “shared_desktop_2.liveobject” files. Open two files. You will see following windows:



6. Drag and drop “shared_text_1.liveobject” inside both the desktop windows. You should see following:



 7. Type some text inside text object in one window, it will be reflected inside the other as shown below:


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